After Winning Primary, John Gray Pledges “HONESTY IN PRINCE WILLIAM GOVERNMENT”

Prince William County – John Gray, the GOP nominee for Chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, officially kicked off his general election campaign announcing his pledge for “Honesty in Prince William Government” to restore trust and make Prince William County government fully accountable to citizens.

“As I have listened closely to voters across the county during the primary election, I heard over and over again the frustration of families who do not trust county government, and who are tired of tax increases and overspending with no transparency and no accountability,” Gray stated. “I heard loud and clear we have to make our first priority restoring confidence in the government, and that starts with being honest at every level.”

Gray emphasized the three major planks of his “Honesty in Prince William Government” program:

  1. Honesty in taxing and spending.  County budgets will no longer have automatic 3.5% annual spending increases built into the five-year plan that are completely insulated from economic realities of inflation or population growth. That embeds a baseline of nearly 20% or more tax increases on homeowners every five years, and then county government adds more taxing on top of that for additional spending they add in the current budget year. Every dollar spent will be fully accountable to the public, and every tax dollar taken from Prince William taxpayers will be used only what is necessary to fund core county services.
  2. Honesty in land use policy. Homeowners will no longer subsidize new housing developments with high-density low-cost homes that do not pay the cost of county services needed for those developments. New housing developments will pay their fair share, we will reduce traffic gridlock, reduce overcrowding of schools, and we will allow our county infrastructure to catch up using an honest land use policy that is fully accountable to the public. Special interests who want to make their case for new housing developments will have to do so at the podium in front of the dais instead of in Closed Sessions out of public view. We will protect the Rural Crescent and stop special interest road building programs that are built for home developers rather than reducing congestion on major commuter corridors.
  3. Honesty in governing. The Board of County Supervisors will fulfill its duty to oversee county government, not rubber-stamp the County Executive’s spending plans and budgets. We will spend more time governing and less time at ribbon-cuttings and award ceremonies held by special interest groups who seek special favors. The Board of Supervisors works for the citizens of the county, not the County Executive.

“I know that Ann Wheeler wants to make this about ‘identity politics’ on social issues so that she can label me an extremist on one issue or another. I am not a slick retail politician; I am a policy guy.  I understand numbers. I am not a show horse, I am a guy who knows how to balance budgets, find overspending, and identify more efficient ways to use taxpayer money so we can take less of the money hard-working families deserve to keep for themselves,” Gray continued. “We will have honest taxation policies and will no longer hide the ball from citizens.”

“I want open, honest government. I want full accountability on the issues that really impact the quality of life for Prince William County families.  I want to take away the red carpet for special interest groups at the McCoart Building, and I want to restore the confidence in county government with openness, transparency, and honesty,” Gray concluded. “I will debate these issues with Ann Wheeler at any time. Other issues that are in the province of the state or federal government are best left there, and if Ms. Wheeler chooses to want to discuss those, I recommend she go down to Richmond or Washington D.C.  We have real challenges here in Prince William County, and I want to go about the business of fixing the barriers to a better quality of life for Prince William families.”